Important Information

Reminders for Residents


·  Please obey the 15 mph. speed limit within the complex. We have many children but none to spare, so when driving please do so with care

·  Do not let your children play in the parking areas.

·  Head in parking only! No exceptions.

·  For all residents who have an old garage door.  It is now time to check your door to determine if any maintenance is required.  If you are ready to invest in a new door, please contact the office.

·  SHCA is a very safe community, but it is recommended that you keep your vehicles locked in the parking areas. 

·  Do not plant any shrubs or flowers on any common grounds.  This includes the front entryway.  (No statues, planters, etc.)

·  Please do not throw your trash on the ground which includes but not limited to gum, gum wrappers, cigarette butts, and or plastic cigar holders.

·  All oversized garbage requires a “Sanitation Permit” sticker(s) attached to each item.  Stickers cost $ 2.00 each and can be purchased at the Borough Hall or the SHCA office for $3.00. 

**Please check the website for the number of stickers needed per item**


·  Please refrain from interrupting the maintenance staff while they are hard at work.  If you have any questions or requests, please call the office.

·  Please respect your neighbors, and

o    Do not slam your doors (interior or exterior)

o    Walk quietly on your steps.

o    Do not run appliances during quiet hours.

o    As a safety precaution children should not play in the parking areas

o   Do not use your car remote’s horn to verify the doors are locked

·  NJ State Law prohibits items to be stored in the front entry ways as well as under the stairs. This requirement is also addressed in the SHCA by-laws.  Any resident storing items in any common area will be subject to fines and removal of items.